Freaky Fridays – “The Endless”

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“You figure it out.”

Genre: Calm But Crazy-ass Scifi

Pedigree: Riffs on Lovecraft, but has ideas that are based on real life events. A possible sequel/same universe link with the 2012 film Resolution by creators/stars Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead .

Synopsis: Brothers Justin and Aaron walked away from a suicide cult years ago. Okay, so older bro Justin ran off, dragging Aaron with him. But they just got a videotape from the cult, revealing the members are still alive. Aaron wants to check things out, Justin isn’t so sure. Naturally, they go to the commune in the sticks where the cult lives…and things look great. Too great. Must be that beer they brew.

Fabulous or Frustrating?: Be prepared to feel calm and unnerved while watching this one. There’s a comforting vibe, right alongside a feeling of otherness. It’s an intriguing mix that drew me into its story, always wanting a bit more of the breadcrumbs of information the film doles out. Endless is navel-gazing philosophy wrapped in an indie film, and it treads the line between realism and gonzo. And I dig it.

The big “reveal” (the main one, I guess? There are several) comes over an hour into the film, after I’d spent at least a half hour flip- flopping around possible outcomes in this story. And it’s crazy, yet perfect. This might be the quietest, most laid back Lovecraftian vibe ever. I’m shocked it didn’t get much buzz from non-genre fans, but that seems to be the case with quiet mind benders. Ah well. I’m here now.

This isn’t a slow burn, it’s an absolute crawl. Think Fast Color, Annihilation, Take Shelter, or Moorhead & Benson’s film Spring. But as with those films, the payoff is more than worth it. At less than two hours, the time goes by quickly, even though the way the story unspools is anything but. However, it’s worth your time if you’re looking for a quiet meditation on the bonds of family, time, and the meaning of existence. Y’know, along with some seriously deep weirdness. Pass me some of that commune beer y’all.

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