Short Film/Short Review – “If anything happens I love you”

Genre: animated dramatic short
Watched on: Netflix

Welcome to the winner of this year’s Best Animated Short Film.

When their daughter is killed in a school shooting, her parents struggle to make it through the day, every day. Oh my God this is a gut punch to the heart. Beautiful, poignant, and a hell of a lot of power in twelve incredible minutes. Creators Michael Govier and Will McCormack crafted an intimate look at the aftermath of senseless murder, and it’s an instant classic.

Gorgeous visuals use a minimalist look to laser focus on the feelings of the parents left behind to pick up the pieces. Beautiful songs by Lindsay Marcus lend the perfect balance of beauty to the painful story. Déjà vu as this film unwinds? You’re not crazy; during the Parkland shootings, kids in the school texted their parents.

Watch this immediately. If you cry, that’s okay, you’re not alone. And if don’t mist up at least once, you’re dead inside. My heart breaks for you.

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