Ho or No? – “Operation Christmas Drop”

“You’re gonna fit in great around here. Clearly, you like giving orders.”

Genre: Armed Forces Holiday Luuuuurve

New Holiday Spirit or Ghost of Christmas Past?: Based on the real life Operation Christmas Drop by the US Air Force, a tradition since 1952.

Synopsis: Erica is a congressional assistant with her eyes on a possible Chief of Staff slot. So when her boss, Congresswoman Bradford, sends Erica to Guam to check out a base’s well known Christmas Drop (and see about closing the base)? Well, a cute Captain wasn’t part of the deal. Neither was getting her heartstrings tugged by the Drop. Will love blossom, and a base be saved? Are you new to this genre?

Unwrap or regift?: Stella – er, Erica – Gets Her Santa Back (#SorryNotSorry) in this sweet bit of holiday fare that’ll have you hauling out your own holly and popping on a Santa hat.

Gotta love Kat Graham, and it’s nice to see The Final Girls/Vikings Alexander Ludwig in a lighthearted romp.

Right now when 2020 seems to have torn us every which way but loose, it’s really nice to see something (even if it’s fictionalized) good in the world. Gave me the warm fuzzies, and it isn’t that what holiday movies are all about?

Come for the travelogue stay for the wonderful stories of the men and women in the armed forces who’s really schedule Operation Christmas drop. Watch the credits for photos of the real folks that help with Drops, and those that benefit from their charitable donations.

Sorry that I get a little heavy-handed on that ending? I ain’t ashamed.  Drop makes me feel I don’t know… Christmasy again.  Go watch,  with a mug of cocoa  and a willingness  to feel good about something after the crap this year has been constantly dumping on us. Have a day!

Score: 4 out of 5 Hos

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