“Honest Trailers | The Oscars” nails the fabulous and frustrating of 2020’s movie…thing

“So…we’re still hitting these firsts after almost 100 years at the Oscars, huh? Good for us. Yaaaaay.”

Yeah, it’s been a year. But luckily the folks over at Screen Junkies delivered an Oscar noms video, even though last year was a freaking nightmare. (At least my buddy got me a sound bar for the holidays, so I can crank Godzilla vs Kong to 11. It’s the small things y’all.) And yes, Screen Junkies. Mountain Dew is delicious.

If you haven’t seen these flicks, let the Junkies tempt you…and maybe I’ll get up off it to make a few Catch-up Reviews. But this sofa is soooo cooooozy.)

Enjoy! And check out the Oscars (aka The Sober Golden Globes) on April 25th!

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