Nutshell Review: “Black Widow”

“Never let them take your heart.”

Widow backtracks the MCU to immediately after The Snap, with Natasha trying to avoid arrest after violating the Sokovia Accords. But when she learns that the training camp that molded her is still active, she decides to destroy it once and for all. There’s fantastic onscreen chemistry between her “family”, terrific cinematography, and so much crazy action the FF franchise seems believable. Damn it’s a fun film to watch, if not a bit Deus Ex What-The-Hell in its “getting the band back together” storyline.

Go to see Natasha’s swan song of violence, and the way Florence Pugh’s Yelena constantly takes Nat down a peg by lampshading the hell out of her. Stay for the sweet meditation on what it means to be family, and the way David Harbour obviously enjoyed every single second he was playing “big poppa” figure Alexi.

#Protip: 3D is entirely unnecessary, as all the action is plenty cool without it. Marvel movie time, so be sure to stay all the way through the end credits for a tidbit that brings things to the MCU “present day”, introduces a new character, and promises more for…a character or two.

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