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Nutshell Review: “Black Widow”

“Never let them take your heart.” Widow backtracks the MCU to immediately after The Snap, with Natasha trying to avoid arrest after violating the Sokovia Accords. But when she learns that the training camp that molded her is still active, … Continue reading

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Nutshell Review – “Fear Street: 1994”

Come for the cool premise; in 1666 a witch cursed the small town of Shadyside, so mass murder happens on the regular. Stay for the killer – heh – soundtrack and the ample slathering of blood. The Fear Street book … Continue reading

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Troop Zero mini review

“Oh my boos – kill kill kill!” An adorable look at what it’s like to be a kid, set in Wiggly, GA, circa 1977. Look past the bad wig Mackenna Grace wears, and see the sweet story that’s got just … Continue reading

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