Nutshell Review – “The Suicide Squad”

“No one likes a show-off.”
‘Unless what they’re showing off is DOPE AS FUCK.’
“Fuck. That’s true.”

Let’s face it. Suicide Squad was… Bad. I don’t care what anybody else said – hell, what I said – I’ve had to live with that film rattling around in my brain for a while now and I got to tell you, it’s bad. So I’m glad gun stepped up to the plate and gave it his shot. And while this Squad isn’t 100% perfect, it is a wild ride filled with creators and stars that seem eager to have fun.

My only complaint? It’s a bit overlong in parts. Some scenes could use with a bit of judicious editing; nothing like having a half an hour lopped off, just bits and pieces here and there to make the action flow a little faster and more intense. But thank God for Gunn, who cranks the crazy to 11, along with the blood and gore.

Sebastian is my favorite Squad member and I’m gonna die on this hill. I also love the more in-depth look at Waller’s employees, who are used as a kind of Everyman conglomerate for viewers.

Stay past the end credits for a tease of possible other directions a few of the characters could go… And that’s all I’m saying about that.

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