Freaky Fridays – “See For Me”

Horror, Cult Movies, Exploitation Cinema, 70s Schlock, and more! Let’s start the weekend off by getting freaky! Or something like that…

“Apps, download See For Me.”

Genre: Not So Helpless Horror
Year Released: 2022 (film fests 2021)
Where I Watched: Shudder

Synopsis: Sophie Scott was a pro skier until she lost her sight. Though her BFF/trainer offers to help her get back on the slopes as her seeing guide (yes this exists IRL and that’s fucking awesome), she’d rather petsit, and do a little grifting on the side. But when her current kitty gig is interrupted by thiefs that break in? Time to ask her phone app See For Me to get her out of this jam…alive.

Fabulous or Frustrating?: It’s easy to call this “Hush, but she’s blind instead of deaf”, or “a modern day retelling of Wait Until Dark“. But this gal is a whole lot more self-serving than those ladies… And it’s refreshing to have a disabled protagonist who isn’t 100% Angel Baby. And Skyler Davenport absolutely sells Sophie’s many, many facets beautifully. I was rooting for her survival even when I was shouting “ARE YOU SERIOUS GIRL” at the screen.

Our girl is relatable as well; not only is she having a hard time processing her disability, Sophie immediately locks herself out of the house, and as a pet sitter I HAVE BEEN THERE. But enough about me crawling through windows, I need to take a moment to be in awe of how Sophie petsits. She’s got a tracker that lets her know where kitty is, and that’s pretty cool. (Don’t worry, kitty survives the shenanigans. Kitty does what mine would; runs upstairs and hides from all humans til kitty deems it safe.)

I do admit that this is fascinating story, because Sophie’s disability is one that I have absolutely zero knowledge of in the real world. And I really love how this is not disability pr0n; Sophie is absolutely bound and determined to do things on her own by herself as much as possible, only asking for help when absolutely necessary. This film isn’t sending “aww, isn’t she So Strong” vibes. This is a fully realized individual who is determined to do her own thing, her own way, by herself, because that’s simply who she is. There’s a difference. This movie gets that.

The really unbelievable part is when the police officer comes in and she decides to walk through the entire house to make sure everything’s okay. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred if you tell a police officer you are confused and made a mistake after the most cursory of looks around? The officer will walk away happy to not have to deal with one more report. This officer is way too interested in finding a perp. Um, okay.

Otherwise, the story beats move at a nice, brisk pace and scenes never overstay their welcome. The thrills are good, but not so scary that your mom-horror buddy would curl into the fetal whole watching. And Sophie Scott’s performance is brilliant. Me is a great rainy day popcorn watch, and who doesn’t love having one of those in the queue?

Freak-O-Meter: 4 out of 5 Freaks

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