Hallo-MONTH: AFan recommends “In Search of Darkness”!

What is this?: Documentary
Year Released: 2019
Where Can You Find This?: Shudder

Yes, this doc is over four hours long. I am aware of this commitment. Darkness is an absolutely excellent look at 80s horror, from a year – by – year breakdown of the films of the era, to deep dives into horror scores, Final Girls (and Horror Heroes), and so much more.

But the real fun is listening to the interviewees talk about the topic at hand. Legendary horror creators, performers, and fans (damn if Slipknot’s Corey Taylor doesn’t come up with some seriously “dude YES” moments for me. Dude, I wanna horror marathon with you for real.)

Darkness is a perfect “put this on in the background” party film. Not only will it start up tons of great debates/conversation topics, but folks can come and go, checking it out as they like. Any time you tune in, you’ll be entertained and informed. *chef’s kiss*

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