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TrailerWatch: “Pope Francis – A Man of His Word”

A documentary about a sitting Pope?  This must be the 21st Century! And the whole “day in the life” idea for this doc sounds interesting.  Check out the trailer, then read on after the jump for all the info from … Continue reading

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#31in31 2017: “The Nightmare”

“This is the story of eight people and what waits for them in the darkness.” Story: Sleep paralysis. Yeah, I thought it was being trapped in bed. You too? The reality is much worse…because it’s not just the inability to … Continue reading

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“An Inconvenient Sequel” opens in Baltimore this Friday!

Because our government seems to be going down in flames of their own making, why not watch a documentary on folks who want to save the world?  An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, hits B’more theaters this Friday, August 4th. … Continue reading

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Documentary “You Slut” calls out slut shaming and victim blaming

Bullying, whether it be against the student that “doesn’t fit in”, someone who’s different from the rest of the pack, or simply because of how she dresses, is never okay. So I’m glad to see a documentary that tackles the … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: documentary “Horror Icon: Inside Michael’s Mask” with Tony Moran

What’s it like to be a horror icon? Well, Horror Icon: Inside Michael’s Mask lets you in on that.  Though it’s not slated for release ’til 2016, they’ve got a teaser trailer up that shows the Michael Myers everyone knows … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Amy” will break your heart

Nutshell: this documentary will rip you into little pieces as you watch Winehouse go from a talented snarky kid to a messed up superstar too many people took advantage of rather than tried to help.  Director Asif Kapadia points no … Continue reading

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“I Am Chris Farley” trailer will bring out all your feels.

No question; Chris Farley was madly talented. Lorne Michales calls him “infuriatingly talented”. I was lucky enough to be on set for a dress rehersal of the Patrick Swayze SNL  that gave us the Chippendales skit.  And it was freakin’ awesome.  … Continue reading

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