Hallo-MONTH: AFan looks at “Eli”!

“I miss DC.” [DC RULES]

What is this?: Little Eli is sick. Seems he’s allergic to everything. So his mom and dad take him to a specialist in the middle of nowhere, in the hope that he will be cured. But why is it so freaking creepy at this place? Ah, probably just hallucinations. Right? Sure.
Year Released: 2019
Where Can You Find This?: Netflix

From the writers of Autopsy of Jane Doe? You have my attention. Eli is a fun “uh oh sickness” romp that’ll have you figuring out exactly what’s coming next immediately. But with a cast that includes Lily Taylor, Kelly Reilly, and Sadie Sink? It’s a fun time nonetheless.

Even though there were a few times when I wanted to shout “let’s get this horror party started, already!”, Eli is great for a group of folks with varying levels of scare tolerance. Yes it’s jump-scare-palooza. But it’s nothing anyone who’s seen Rosemary’s Baby (or similar low-key frights) can’t handle. In fact, this’d make a fun double feature with Baby, if you’re so inclined. I’ve said too much…

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