Nutshell Review – “Evil Dead Rise”

DEAD BY DAWN! DEAD BY DAWN!” (Yep this movie goes there.)

It’s a bit paint by numbers, and folks we all know are fodder get little more than a name, but?

1) It’s still an Evil Dead film, so we get all the fun highpoints.
2) The cat lives. Do NOT @ me, I will deadite on this hill.

While I would have loved to have seen character development like we got in 2013’s Evil Dead reboot? Rise is a bloody, barfy mess – and while I typically haaaaaate GI explosions onscreen? The FX here is so over the top it’s almost goofy. So I’ll allow it. This once.

Special shout-out to Vikings‘ Alyssa Sutherland; as Cool Mom and “first one down” Ellie, Sutherland (no relation to Donald) gives it more than her all. Given a physically demanding and emotional roller coaster of a role, she jumps all the way in. Another tip of the hat to the gory-ously gorgeous FX.

The 2013 film was a hard act to follow. While Rise doesn’t match that all but perfect reboot, but it’s a helluva fun hour and a half.

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