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“Mississippi Grind” trailer puts Ryan Reynolds on the road and rolling high

Yes, Reynolds blew everyone away with that SDCC Deadpool trailer.  But gotta say the trailer for Mississippi Grind is looking pretty sweet too.  No, Reynolds isn’t wearing spandex or blowing away bad guys in Grind (at least not from this … Continue reading

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Wayback Review: The Change-Up

In honor of the killer Deadpool trailer shown at SDCC (what?  Google y’all) I present an earlier work in Ryan Reynold’s oeuvre: The Change-Up.  As always, clicky on the title for the original piece! Movie Review — The Change-Up | … Continue reading

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Deadpool fans: if you’re not following @VanCityReynolds, you need to. Because THIS.

I love that he really gets Deadpool.  And this is looking like my next favorite thing, at least ’til WETA’s Rat Queens TV series gets off the ground. So yeah.  VCR.  Get your Deadpool fix.  Plus, he’s funny.  And I … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Ryan Reynolds loses consciousness in Self/less

People get transplants every day.  But what about getting your entire “self” transplanted into another body?  Welcome to Self/less… Looks intriguing.  Self/less hits theaters July 31, 2015. Wanna know more?  Check out the trailer below.  Here’s the official word: SELF/LESS … Continue reading

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