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Rapid Review: “Once Upon a Deadpool”

“I see myself as more of an east coast Hufflepuff.” Less than the original D2, but also more. Subtract some gore and baby junk, and add more banter between the cast. Come for the fun (but not overused) Princess Bride-esque wraparound … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch “Once Upon A Deadpool” brings…a family friendly Merc?

Well there kiddies. Santa Pool is coming, and he’s bringing a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2. I’m not exactly sure what I’m feeling, but I think I’ll go with hope. There’s new stuff filmed just for this version, much like … Continue reading

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#SpoilerFreeReview: “Deadpool 2” – not just dialed to 11, but dialed to DEADPOOL 11

Nutshell: Dopinder and the gang are back for more fourth-wall breaking hijinks, and I couldn’t be happier. Not because the story is good (it is) or that the actors are more than down to clown (they are), but because 2 … Continue reading

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Céline Dion – and Deadpool – bring “Ashes” to life

Two great tastes. Céline Dion. Deadpool. Together. Get pumped for Deadpool 2 y’all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch this again. Because it’s ART.

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Happy “National Crayon Day” from Deadpool!

With Deadpool 2 coming soon, the Merc with a Mouth has got his promotions game on point.  And why not?  It’s National Crayon Day y’all – so get your art on!  Deadpool has a coloring page for you to go … Continue reading

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Feast your eyes, glut your soul…the “Deadpool 2” trailer is here!

Aww YEAH! The X Force is assembled, and DP is taking things to the next level. The next level of FUN. Catch that Professor X impersonation… Let the “who’s playing whom” chatter commence! Me? I’m just glad to see Negasonic … Continue reading

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Deadpool wants you to get wet for “Deadpool 2”!

Happy little…Deadpool?  That’s right y’all.  Deadpool the artist, drawing happy little trees, with a happy little afro. Yeah, I saw this teaser trailer/art class yesterday too.  But I couldn’t resist sharing again.  Because where else are you gonna learn now … Continue reading

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#Deadpool for President? Sure, why not?

This just dropped into my inbox…and after last night’s Debate, I figured might as well throw another candidate in there, amirite?  But question; who’d be his running mate?

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Deadpool adds himself into the new Fantastic Four trailer. Pat yourself on the back.

Fantastic Four was my gateway superhero drug.  So I’m psyched to see any tidbit.  But the latest trailer has a bonus: a Deadpool post-trailer sighting! Seems that Deadpool will trot out his new trailer before showings of Fantastic Four. Fantastic … Continue reading

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Deadpool fans: if you’re not following @VanCityReynolds, you need to. Because THIS.

I love that he really gets Deadpool.  And this is looking like my next favorite thing, at least ’til WETA’s Rat Queens TV series gets off the ground. So yeah.  VCR.  Get your Deadpool fix.  Plus, he’s funny.  And I … Continue reading

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