31 in 31: Paranormal Activity 2

Story: Remember Katie and Micah?  Well, Katie has a sister named Kristi.  Kristi’s family is experiencing the same kind of ghostly demon haunting that Katie and Micah were experiencing in the original.  Not a good sign for Kristi, her hubby, nanny Martine and the kids.

Scares: Randy from Scream is right; the action is amped up in a sequel.  But this time, make sure you stay focused on the movie because the scares build slowly.  Verrrry slowly.  There are also a lot of similar paranormal actions that fans of the original will notice, which only serves to heighten the fear factor.  The knowledge of what has gone before amps up the chills.

Splat factor:  Virtually blood free.

Closing scene “shocker”?: There’s a climax here, sure, but no “twist”.  As with the original, the basic storyline is more than good enough.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: This is a sequel to 2007’s Paranormal Activity.  Sort of.

Trick or Treat?: You know how peanut M&M’s are awesome?  And then someone gives you a peanut butter M&M and it blows your mind?  Same kinda thing here.  This sequel is a little more of the same thing, but with a slightly different spin that makes it interesting, fun and still downright scary.  The movie starts out with a total mind fuck for those who watched the first film, because 2 starts before, and ends after, the events of the original story. Are you with me so far?  With this “wraparound” plot, you never know what will happen.  All I know is that I’m never, ever gonna let my basement get as jam-packed as theirs.  It’s an episode of Hoarders down there!  How can you see the boogeyman — or run away — if you’re up to your eyeballs in boxes?  Think, people.  And thank you, Tod Williams, for directing a sequel just as good as (and maybe a bit better than) the original.  Who’s up for Paranormal Activity 3?

Score: out of 5 pumpkins.

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