The 100% Unofficial Paranormal Activity 3 Drinking Game

Instead of writing an actual review of the film (I’ll do that tomorrow morning…um, make that later this morning), the thing that popped into my head while driving home from the Paranormal Activity 3 screening was “hey, drinking game!”  This is probably because I’m so wired on Coke Zero that my usual Distracted By Shiny is even more twitterpated.

Going in, you know that there will be light spoilerage.  Gotta tell you when to drink, and to do that I’ve gotta dish a little.  Ready?  Let’s go!

The 100% Unofficial Paranormal Activity 3 Drinking Game


  • Every time a lamp moves
  • Any time someone goes near/in the “tiny room”
  • Someone says “Toby”
  • Whenever Little Kristi talks to Toby
  • Whenever you’re psyched into thinking something’s gonna happen, and nothing does.

Do a shot:

  • Any time someone says “Toby” and you think of LeVar Burton
  • The adults are sleeping through something their kids are doing that would wake up normal, caring parents
  • Any time you’d get the hell outta Dodge instead of staying in the house
  • Any time someone levitates/is lifted off the ground.

Okay, I’m sure there’s more.  Got any?

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