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Catching Up Review: “Hellboy” could have been great, but it’s not.

Because sometimes I don’t get to a screening, or a film just isn’t screened for press. Herewith, my take on the Hellboy reboot! It is, however, a whole lot of messy, stupid fun if you can get past the screenplay … Continue reading

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#Snowzilla got you down? Drinking Game your way to happiness! Or Spring. Do you.

Hating the snow?  Or love the snow but you’re pooped and looking for something else to do?  Well, I’m kinda in both camps; living in the city means I hate the Parking Spot Hellfight that I’m sure will take place … Continue reading

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@BronyCon — Brony Bar Trot 101

Ain’t no party like a Bar Trot party, ’cause a Bar Trot party got ponies! This was my first year at the ‘Trot, and I had a blast.  While waiting for my Baltimare buddies to join me, I got to … Continue reading

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Elsewhere Review: The Lazarus Effect (and bonus drinking game!)

As The Lazarus Effect seems tailor-made for the Netflix/DVD crowd, I figured why not get a jump and start the drinking game now?  It’ll be a fun film this Halloween, when it’s on Netflix and you’ve got a bunch of … Continue reading

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31 in 31: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)…and drinking game!

Story: WWII is over – let’s all relax and get back to regular life! Oh wait; there’s a hooded nutter attacking and killing couples in Texarkana. Eek!  So much for normal. Scares: For a drive-in caliber movie  there’s actually one … Continue reading

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It’s Shark Week: The In No Way Official Shark Week Drinking Game!

As someone who used to live thisclose to the Discovery Channel building, Shark Week is a big deal for me. (Miss you, Chompie!) So to celebrate the sharkiest time of the year, let’s drink! Don’t do booze? Works just fine … Continue reading

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The 100% Unofficial Piranha 3DD Drinking Game

Since it’s not only Halloween Month but also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s a drinking game that combines the two. Bottoms Up, y’all. Drink when: * there’s a fish POV (PIRANHA-CAM!) * a z-list “star” bites it * you see … Continue reading

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