Pull! August 3rd 2013


Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash #1: (Dynamite) Love Ash. Love Cassie Hack. So a mashup seems made for glory. Tim Seeley’s story has promise, but it’s mainly exposition here in #1. That’s actually nice, as folks who don’t know much about either character can feel at home quickly. Daniel Leister does good art here, with every panel chock full of detail, and let’s not forget the full page panels. Niiiice. I have a hard time with some of Ash’s dialogue; without Bruce Campbell voicing the words they’re just not as funny. Yet…? Can a gal hope for an appearance/resurrection of Vlad in this 6-shot? With deadites, Cassie’s Sturm Un Drang, and a new twist to the Evil Dead‘s spin on the Necronomicon, maybe I’m asking for too much. But if it’d happen? Groovy baby.  Groovy. (3.5 out of 5)

Batman/Superman #2: (DC) This issue had me at Jae Lee & June Chung’s intriguing cover. And starting this issue; Kaiyo The Trickster…doesn’t he/she/it look familiar? I still have a huge fan crush on Rob Leigh’s lettering here, because it’s simply superb. But Lee’s story feels like he’s taken the Clark/Bruce myths, put ’em in a blender and hit liquefy. I love it. More about this issue would spoil the fun you’d have for yourself, but one thing I’ve gotta say; the last two pages absolutely rocked me. Is issue #3 up yet? Because I needs it. (5 out of 5)

Crossed: Badlands #33: (Avatar) A new storyline, and after “Quisling” it better be good. Luckily with David Lapham at the wheel things are promising. Gwaharah Pi, Princess of Beta X-9 is the narrator this time. Yes, you read that right, and she’s a familiar face for fans. She’s been staying alive by hiding…and other things. There’s a tribe of Crossed headed her direction, and they’re a different ilk. The Crossed mythology is mutating, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve thought the issues past were good, crazy stuff. But without change it’s the same old thing over and over. Plus, The Pope is a Crossed that makes me forget about wanting to know more about Smokey, and seeing a fan favorite character reappear here is icing on the cake . At least for the rest of this story. The shadows and shading from Miguel Ruiz and Digikore Studios is top notch, especially nice for this particular “hiding humans” storyline. (4.5 out of 5)

Ferals #16: (Avatar) As I started this issue, I thought I’d skipped one. Nup, I’d read #15. So anyway, Richard Arthur, a General in the United States Army who just happens to be the National Security Advisor, gets an up close and personal look at The People (aka the Ferals). He’ll have more than a passing interest, as you might guess. The usual Stockholm Syndrome-esque ladies of The People are represented by a gal high up in the Government herself. And she’s got news; the Ferals have decided that their ladies should “open the store”. Hoo boy. Could be a good arc, but this particular issue felt a bit too messy, plot-wise. (3 out of 5)

Lazarus Two: (Image) “Family Part Two: kicks off with rumblings of war between two Families. But is Poppa sick of the sniping and backbiting within the family, or will all be forgotten when it comes to war? Can I just say that I love “Eve” as a nickname for “Forever” ? Love. Ahem. Moving on. I also love the breakdown of Family, Serf and “Waste” in each area this story takes us to. And that Greg Rucka crafted a (seemingly) laid back father of Family Forever is a good sign that this story will be one not easily guessed in advance. Michael Lark keeps the excellent art and letters going to and I got my wish for this issue; a meet with another Family. A slow build that seems certain to pay off. Psst: don’t blow off the letters section in the back, there’s a lot of information – and a cool Family timeline – that you don’t want to miss.

And one more thing: speaking of the letters section, I’m completely and totally in love with this Cast Of Awesome right now. Why? Because in a reply to a fan, this: “… Forever looking like she can kick your ass? That’s not a flaw, that’s by DESIGN (their emphasis). Making her a frail little waif would’ve made about as much sense as putting her in high heels.” I really want to high-five all y’all right now. And also, speaking as a jaw droppingly boring straight gal? Forever is HAWT y’all. (4 out of 5)

Clive Barker’s Next Testament #3: (Boom!) “Chapter 3: All Fall Down” starts up with an OH SNAP moment.  “Jesus Christ!”  “Try again.”  Where the first two issues are all sortsa on-the-edge-of-your-pages cool this issues feels a bit muddled. Yes, in a 13 episode miniseries there’s bound to be a few Exposition Fairy issues.  And this is one of ‘em.  The colors and letters are just as amazing as in the first two issues, no doubt.  Plus, the artwork – with it’s touch of manga – is a genuinely lovely change from the Western art I see in other books (don’t get me wrong, I love me some Western art too, but Haemi Jang is doling out a fresh groove.  I’m lovin’ it.   I’d like to see more about Wick, the God who isn’t about love and kindness, in a more coherent form in the next issue.  (3 out of 5)

The Wake #3: (Vertigo) Remember how I said back last month that the jury wasn’t in on me subscribing to this?  Well, it’s in now.  And the answer?  YES PLEASE.  Snyder is turning up the heat on our intrepid band of undersea researchers.  And that’s not a good thing…for them.  For readers though, it’s fantastic.  Those moments of flashback/dream sequences now flow so smooth it’s tough to want to go back to the real story.  Luckily, that story is about to kick into high gear.  At least if the last panel has anything to say about what’s coming.  Touches of Deep Blue Sea, and maybe even Ten Little Indians, with a twist of dream sequences that let readers get deeper into characters heads than you could by just following the story.  Something wicked this way comes y’all.  And it’s gonna be good.  (4 out of 5)

Day Men #1: (Boom!) Renfield was a pussy.  He could have done so much more with his life, but noooooo.  Spiders and a lunatic asylum.  Pity; he could have been a contender.  Day Men takes a look at a “Sun Dog” — a human that’s able to get things done during the day, used as a cleaner/gopher by wealthy vampire families — named David, and his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.   “There was a feeding accident….”  Oh, how I love that term.  Especially when it’s paired with the remainders of bloody mayhem, courtesy of Brian Stelfreeze.  And that’s before things take a major downturn.  David is a character worth rooting for, thanks to Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson (whose work in 28 Days Later comic was nasty good), and the back-story/mythos is a cool twist to the usual Vampire Houses story.  “Now, we go to war.”  Hellz yeah baby!  Lux In Tenebris, my friends.  (4.5 out of 5)  

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