What Was I Thinking? – The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without An Accident


Welcome back, zombie fans! Gardens! Sick pigs! Shopping at the Walmart! (Or whatever non-trademarked name they use!)

01: Rick. Gentleman Farmer.

02: beating pistols into plowshares is a nice thought. But I’m thinking y’all will need said pistols before too long.

***Steven Yeun’s Walking Dead playlist! In case you missed it***


05: “Just so you know, I liked you first.” – CAROL FTW!

07: A garden. Livestock. Community meals. A little slice of heaven. With zombies on the other side of the fence.

10: Bethy got a boy – friend!

12: Hershel, I’m so totally trying that “pinch off shaded branches & plant em) thing with my tomatoes next year!

14: Michonne doesn’t like to stay in one place for long.

16: ZOMB…. Whoa. Girl. Dunk in a river every now and then. Just a thought.

24: Ahh, children naming the zombies. Carl is not amused.

27: “Gonna do this detective?” love Daryl & Michonne banter!

34: Yeah. Have the Asian guy pick up the camera. Yo, is this racist? Oh. Oh. Oh!

36: Speaking of oh; oh man, is dude still stuck? Day-yam. Not good. Aaaaaaand scene!

37: The Art Of Directing = Blue Moon can advertise on this show anytime.

44: GAAAAAAH! Okay, it’s official – this is a badass episode! Even though I don’t trust pseudo-zombie chick as far as I can spit.

46: Yeah that wasn’t too much of a shocker there.

48: “You don’t get to come back from… things.” – here’s this season’s theme y’all!

53: School is in session, and Carol is the best teacher ever!

54: Zombiepig???

56: Poor Beth. But now the episode title makes sense.

59: What the hell is wrong with Nerdly? And oh wait – why’d the shower go out? Uh oh.


* How many walkers have you killed?
* How many people have you killed?
* Why?

Til next week – onward, to Talking Dead and Nathan Fillion!

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