Short Film/Short Review: Frozen Fever

Frozen Fever onesheetA short film doesn’t require a long review, does it?  I either like it or I don’t, right? Well, here goes…

Nutshell: Frozen Fever is a perfect little shave ice of a film, a nice aperitif after the 2013 blockbuster.  The songs are beautiful, and so’s the animation.  Bell, Dazeem Menzel and Groff and Gad are in fine voice too.  Parents, get ready to empty your wallet, because EVERYONE will want a Snowgie.  Grade: A

“Bring forth more Frozen!”  That’s basically what every child — and a whole lot of grownups (points to self) — had to say after seeing Frozen over and over again.  Disney delivered.  And while some wish that there was a full-length sequel, I’d rather see a short done well than a cobbled-together mess of a second film trotted out simply to quench a thirst.  Luckily, this short is done well, and can easily stand beside it’s predecessor.  In fact, I kinda like Frozen Fever a little bit better.  Shh.  Don’t tell anyone.

Why?  Because all the sad-having bits of Frozen are over and done with.  Frozen Fever is simply a fun time.  The story is simple: Elsa tries to plan Anna’s birthday party.  It’s important to Elsa, as she’s spent most of Anna’s prior b-days behind a locked door.  So will a little sniffle get to Elsa?  Of course not!  But what are those little moving snowballs…?

Well, they’re Snowgies.  And they’re freakin’ adorable.  I wont’ get into more than that here — spoilers, darling — but if you must know, the Disney Wiki can spoil the ending a bit for you.  I’ll leave you with the trailer for Frozen Fever, to show that I haven’t spilled the beans entirely.

I love it when a sequel gets the band back together, and the leads from Frozen all come back for a little Fever.  You could totally slide right into this short straight from watching Frozen, it’s that seamless in terms of look and feel.  Plus, the happy ending in Frozen leads perfectly into the fun and shenanigans in Frozen Fever.  But I bet you did that on purpose, Disney.  You sly dogs, you.

Right now, the only way  you can catch Fever is by watching Cinderella (2015) in theaters.  But I’m betting by the end of the year there’ll be a DVD/iTunes/Play version for you repeat viewers.

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