@BronyCon — Brony Bar Trot 101

2015-08-06 19.57.19

Thanks for the photo pose at Admiral Fells, everypony!

Ain’t no party like a Bar Trot party, ’cause a Bar Trot party got ponies!

This was my first year at the ‘Trot, and I had a blast.  While waiting for my Baltimare buddies to join me, I got to talk to tons of folks, and almost convince a Rarity fan that Fluttershy is Best Pony… Hey, I don’t judge.  But she just is.

Basically, if you’re worried about ‘Trotting alone, don’t be.  There are plenty of ponies to talk to, and tons of fun to be had.  Just grab a cider (LEARN NOTHING) and chat with someone else who has their lanyard.  Or Trot tshirt.

* wannna drink more than your three shots? Thinking about grabbing a nosh? Go VIP. Seriously. You’ll save money, even though it looks like a big outlay. Plus, you’ll get a nicer t-shirt that’ll have the Trot year on it. And velvet rope of relaxation and chow. Next year, that’s what I’ll do.
* don’t be afraid to ask what the specials are. A bar may have more than Crawl knows about. Win!* don’t feel you need to buy something/use a voucher simply because you walked in. It’s Fells Point. People walk in and out all the time.
* do scope the bars and plan your attack. Want to hit a particular bar first? Need food before you drink? Walk around, grab a food special (or free grub, if you’re VIP), and then go from there.
* like a place? Go back. It’s your party, do you. Especially if there’s hints of a cool not-so-impromptu dance party at a particular bar (*coughADMIRALFELLScough*)…
* don’t be afraid to ask Bronies you don’t know for tips. Love and tolerance rules the day this weekend. Ask around, you may get some great ideas!
* KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN. I saw somepony out on the street, and it didn’t look like he was having a good time. At all. So please, please, be aware of what, and how much, you’re drinking. We wanna see you at the con the next day!

And here’s a look at some of the places I stopped this year (descriptions after the jump!):bronytrot 1bronytrot 2
Admiral Fells Tavern: you want the full Pony Experience? This is the place. Head downstairs and instantly be one with the Brony Nation y’all.  Steve the bartender not only loves us, folks have made tribute videos and even created a pony for him. Listen to the sweet sounds of Pony dub, drink a slew of Pony inspired drinks, and have the inevitable Best Pony throwdown.  Note – my favorite beverage from the Trot? The Pinkie Pie, complete with champagne float and maraschino cherry.  Though The Great And Powerful Trixie is delicious too, and seems to have its own fan club.

The Point: Ponies mingle with dudebros and it’s all good. But it’s also hella crowded. I waited ages for service, and then for the tots I ordered. The Magic Margarita didn’t stack up after the deliciousness that can be had at the Admiral Fells. But the tots? Delicious. Huge chunks o’ beef, tons of cheese and the serving is so huge it looks like a tater tot bathtub. For a fiver, definitely a nice pick to sop up the alcohol in your stomach parts. But the wait makes me never want to go back. Psst: the $2 High Life ponies are the cheapest Trot Treat around, for those who are saving up for pony merch at the ‘con.

DogWatch: got VIP? Then this is your go-to. This is where the velvet rope lifts for VIP trotters, with the free grub and back room for relaxing. (I hear tell that this year the krispy treats made with various cereals were to die for…) Since everyone, VIP or otherwise, starts here (hey, everyone has to check in…), why not grab a beer?

Greene Turtle: Rainbow Dash jello shots? HELLO. You headed out to crash before tomorrow’s con funtimes? Why not grab a booze aperitif as you leave Fells? There’s always room for jello.

Alexander’s Tavern: They had soft pretzels!  And by the time I got there, I was already stufffed from tots.  Dangit.  Beware – the Twilight Stumble shot is super strong, so you maybe wanna get that pony pretzel for sustenance.  The staff here is super nice, and #Protip; if you’re looking for brunch, AT’s “stuffed french toast of the day” is always good, but keep your fingers crossed it’s a Butterfingers day…

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