“Cooties” — catch the poster and trailer!

Cooties Final Payoff onesheetEww, COOTIES!  Who doesn’t remember that from school?  Whether you had ’em, ran from ’em, or did a little of both, it’s a rite of passage.  And apparently it’s also lethal…at least to adults unlucky enough to get caught by a passel of infected kids.  Well, at least in Cooties it is.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the trailer:

Now that‘s creepy. And kinda awesome; who doesn’t love Rainn Wilson wearing a sweatband?  I think I’m now officially off chicken nuggets. (Okay, so maybe just for the next few days. Because damn they’re delicious.)

I’m looking forward to seeing this, not only because it looks like a really well done horror spoof, but because Cooties actor/producer Elijah Wood is a known horror buff. (Check out Spectrevision, his production company.  And also check out the Iranian vampire flick A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, one of the films his company helped produce.) It’ll be cool to see what he’ll deliver with this film.

Cooties comes to theaters — and hopefully not to schools — September 18th.

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