Catching Up Review: “The Lobster”

Sometimes I can’t get to a screening.  Sometimes there isn’t a screening available for a particular film.  Sometimes I’m just lazy and wait until the Award Season Onslaught to catch films that came out during the “For Your Consideration” award season year.  Typically, it’s all three.  So here’s a nutshell on what I think about one particular film: 2016’s The Lobster.

the-lobster-posterA darkly absurdist comedy about trying to find love in a world where not finding the “perfect match” has dire consequences. Writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos paints a surreal tale of humanity, love, and the lengths many take to find acceptance.

Weird, moving, and if your tastes run to offbeat satire (like mine do), laugh out loud funny. As the lonely man looking for love while the clock counts down, Colin Farrell is mesmerizing.

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