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“First Man” crashes and burns

Nutshell: Shakeycam, choker-shots and Dutch angles rule the day in this dispassionate biopic. Director Damien Chazelle tries to shove Importance down viewers throats, but only manages greatness during the awe-inspiring moon landing. I came away with a headache, and the thought … Continue reading

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Catching Up Review: “La La Land”

There’s a difference between a loving homage, and a poorly lit, badly directed, slap-and-paste edited, ripoff of the greats. Emma Stone gives a wonderful performance despite the dreck she has to wade through. And while she’s amazing, the plot is … Continue reading

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31 in 31 – Icetastrophe

“Hey, see that? Is that a shooting star?” Story: Comet? That thing? That’s nothing. BOOM. Cue explosive ice explosions! Because sure. Scares: Absolutely zero. TV disaster movie mixed with more than a touch of sapfest. Splat factor: See above. Unless … Continue reading

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Vacation: the death-knell of road trip movies? No, but close.

Wanna see Vacation? I feel bad for you son. It’s got 99 minutes…and there’s no fun.  Grade: D Yep.  Chalk this one up to the ol’ cash-grab; Vacation proves that even if you pick proven funny folks to headline your … Continue reading

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