Theater News: Broadway’s “Frozen” shares a new song!

Broadway.  Frozen.  Oh yeah, you can hear that can’t you?  The sound of cash registers ringing overtime?

Sung by Frozen’s Elsa, Caissie Levy, it’s obviously a midpoint song about how Elsa worries about her power and what she should do next. It’s hella dark, speaking of death and fear…but I have a feeling it’ll be a breakout. Is it a bit simplistic? Sure. But it’s Disney, and it’s a show based on a story that kids ATE UP, so I guess they’re erring on the side of For The Children To Understand. Only time will tell if this becomes a smash like Lion King, or kinda gets a so-so response, ala Tarzan…yes, there was a Disney Tarzan Broadway musical.

Check out “Monster” below!

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