#31in31 2018 – “Demonic”

“Hey Jules, I think this room might actually be…”

Story: Back in the 80s, a group of young people went inside an old, supposedly haunted house to perform a seance. Only one person survived. Now, the son of a woman who knew the victims heads back to the house with a group of eager paranormal investigators. And now the police want to know what happened to them. I’m sure everything will turn out okay.

Scares: Just jump ones.

Splat factor: Eh. Black “blood”, found footage night vision murders, and someone who’s missing a tongue.

Closing scene “shocker”?: Not anything you won’t realize early into the film.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Original, though there’s hints of American Horror Story: Roanoke, and many other ghost hunter found footage films.

Trick or Treat?: Now now now. I see you, James Wan fans.  But don’t think he’s got anything more to do with this film than slapping his name on the poster. He’s a producer on this joint. Demonic is more like a horror mystery than straight up horror. Toss in some police procedural to add to the run-time. 30 minutes in, I was digging it. But as things went on, the huge amount jump scares with screaming violins started to drive me bonkers.

Sometimes wooden dialogue thanks to a clunky script, but mostly it’s decently acted. Hell, they got Maria Bello and Frank Grillo for this film! And their psychiatrist and detective are the best parts of this movie. (Plus, these characters are a couple, but it’s barely referenced. Surprise!)

I dig this because it’s a story of the police who are trying to get answers…with lots of dramatic irony cut in, as the audience sees what happened piece by piece. I don’t love it because of the overuse of jumps, and the obvious “but wait!” ending.

Another drunkwatch movie to add to your pile, if you’re so inclined.

Score: 3 out of 5 pumpkins. That’s for the acting, and the beginning chills.

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