TrailerWatch – “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” gives us all the things

I’m going to be as calm, cool, and professional as possible here. BUT OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT? AND THAT? AND THAAAAAAT?

Warner Brothers has thrown down. They’re here to bring us all the Kaiju, and with this trailer they’ve shown us that they’re not playing around. Rodan’s claws coming out of the earth. Mothra getting her biggest baddest wingbeat. Ghidorah’s serpentine necks readying for battle. And, of course, Big G all glowy and amazing.

Yes, there’s bits of Milly Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler, Sally Hawkins and my man Ken Watanabe…but it’s all about the monsterous showdown we’re absolutely gonna see, because WB has tee’d it up for us. I for one welcome our Kaiju overlords.

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