Say “I do” to “Ready or Not”

“It’s not too late to flee. You’re not a part of this family yet. I mean that as a compliment.”

Story: A woman’s wedding day is wonderful. The night is even better. (winkwinknudgenudgeknowwhattamean) But Grace’s wedding night is a doozy; seems the crazy rich family she’s married into plays a game every time a new family member joins their ranks. And this time it’s a most dangerous game indeed. Countdown starts…

Genre I’d put it in: Bloody Good Horror Comedies (emphasis on bloody)

Remake, Sequel, Based-On, or Original: Hints of other films, but this one’s all new.

Gotta say: Daaaaayam Disney. When you bought Fox Searchlight, I figured things might get tamped down. But not with Not. This bloody delight is equal parts fun Avengers-esque banter, suspenseful chills, and straight-up human destruction. And I loved every second of it. (Okay okay; so there’s one moment where someone’s in a car and it’s raining, but when the car stops and a character emerges there’s not a drop of water anywhere. Oopsie-daisy.)

Samara Weaving (Elrond’s niece and Margot Robbie’s doppelgänger) is electric as Grace, the gobsmacked bride on the run. A blend of You’re Next‘s Erin and Halloween‘s Laurie Strode, Grace freaks out, messes up, and throws down in equal measure. Cheers to the stellar cast of the Le Domas family, especially Adam Brody’s snarky existentialist Daniel, and Andie MacDowell as the family’s matriarch, Emily. MacDowell does a terrific job of switching gears, becoming caring mother and all-out killer at the flick of a switch. It’s a subtle yet powerful performance.

Yes, you’ll feel the homages to The Most Dangerous Game, You’re Next and Cabin in the Woods. (That last film deserved this re-review, as it’s really grown on me…) But Not is it’s own beast entirely, adding a humorously blood-spattered new spin on the “and then there were none” trope that’s well worth a view. Don’t wait ’til October to indulge in this dark delight. Go treat yourself right now.

Grade: A-

#Protip: There’s no post-credits spooky in this one, so feel free to grab your trash and leave the theater as the end credits roll.

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