At Home Review: “The Hunt”

I’m dealing with no screenings. I’m not dealing well. So, why not throw money at streaming services that are showing stuff that was in the theaters before we all went on lockdown? Here’s my brief – because I’m in Home Mode y’all – look at The Hunt!

“It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’m gonna eat a whole pie.” [I think that’s a great idea.]

Fun twists and turns from the get-go. What else would you you expect from Watchmen‘s Nick Cuse and Lost‘s Damon Lindelof? Though the marketing for this film crows about how incredibly shocking and sure to stir up controversy, it’s pretty much the usual Most Dangerous Game storyline, but with a 21st Century Left vs. Right spin. Yeah, you’ll talk about this film after the credits roll, but mostly about how it’s rather ham-handed at times. (What? I had to make that pun; they put a pig on the poster.)

As for the look, the on-camera effects are great, and the fight choreography is fantastic. But the CGI head explosions? Yeah, straight-up SyFy Network specials. Luckily there aren’t too many instances of this, as hunters and the hunted get picked off with shot to the body, or off screen. The Hunger Games-esque start of the titular hunt is a low-key bloodbath, but there are moments of real gore that may put the more squeamish among you off your nibbles. So maybe eat afteward if you’re more delicately inclined.

Holy shit there’s a lot of folks you’ll recognize in this movie. Emma Roberts and Hillary Swank of course – the trailers show those two off – but there’s more. The Mindy Project‘s Ike Bairnholtz, My Name is Earl‘s Ethan Suplee, Uncle Buck‘s Amy Madigan, Locke and Key‘s J. C. MacKenzie… and a whole lot of other “isn’t that actor in [show/movie]?” And every single one of them looks like they’re enjoying tearing into their parts. It’s that sense of glee from the performers, along with a few fun HAH! moments that makes Hunt an enjoyable watch. Even more so if you go full theme and grab yourself some champers and gas station donuts. Or whatever high/low blend floats your boat. Me, I’m into cheese and tomato sandwiches with red wine right now.

So? An interesting story, with an interesting twist. And then another. And maybe one more. Yeah, the middle isn’t fully done, and that ruins the overall texture of the tale. But damn if this isn’t a tasty bite of satirical horror. I dig it. I dig it even more because there’s not a whiff of the typical Blumhouse “GOTCHA BITCHES” post-credit jump-scare. Bravo y’all.

Just remember: a bread knife is the best way to slice tomatoes. Chef’s knives are garbage for that kind of work.

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