In Queue Review – “Mr. Right”

“I! Like! Turtles!”

Genre: Actiony Rom-com
Release Date: 2015
Where I Watched: Netflix

Talky Talk: This might become a VD tradition around here. Hey, I’m interrupting my night because I want to clue you in on this hidden gem immediately. That should let you know I’m not messing around. So…you can’t decide between a rom-com and a bang-bang actioner for date nite? Why choose? Just throw on this film, and call it a night.

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell are Martha and [Mr. Right – because his name is shhhh] , a pair that meet cute in a NOLA convenience store. She’s recovering from an ended relationship, and he kills people for a living…no wait. He kills people who try to hire him to kill people. Got that? Good. Martha thinks Right is just pulling one long joke about being a killer, until…well, he kills. And when a power hungry younger brother tries to get Right to off his drug lord brother? Hijinks – and homicides – ensue.

The onscreen comedic chemistry between Kendrick and Rockwell is off the charts. They both do crazy gonzo so well, and it’s a pleasure to watch these two work. More with these two, please and thank you. Tim Roth plays a mysterious man trying to find Right, and RZA plays Shotgun Steve, a hired gun who has no idea what kind of crazy he’s signed up for.

Things always stay a bit loopy, and yet the violence isn’t watered down. Add in GREAT music, including one of my favorite songs from Saint Motel, and stunning cinematography – much better than anyone would expect from a low budget (just over 7 mil) film – bravo, Daniel Aranyó!

If you can follow a plot that rapidly goes from here to there to way over yonder? You’re in for a treat. Grab some popcorn, your significant (or any other) other, and settle in.

Come for: The great chemistry between Kendrick and Rockwell
Stay for: Rockwell’s killer dance moves, and that fantastic, quirky set design.

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