Freaky Fridays – “Mandy”

Horror, Cult Movies, Exploitation Cinema, 70s Schlock, and more! Let’s look at something cool!

“You ripped my shiiirt! You ripped my shiiirt!”

Genre: Wild-ass Lovecraft-Meets-Jason Voorhees Cult Craziness With A Revenge Twist (got all that?)
Year Released: 2018
Pedigree: Horrorhound Elijah Wood is a producer
Where I Watched: Shudder

Synopsis: Red and Mandy live in the absolute boonies, in a gorgeously haphazard cabin. But when a crazy hippie cult leader decides Mandy is gonna be his new wife? Red has to saddle the hell up. Have I mentioned the batshit crazy LSD leather boys? Because there are batshit crazy LSD leather boys.

Fabulous or Frustrating?: Mandy seems to be a love it or hate it film. Well, except for the delicious Cage memes. Who doesn’t love Nick Cage dialed to 11? And boy howdy you’ll get that here. Though the film does take its time, Cage’s Red goes through all the emotions, from deep love to heartbreaking loss, grief to bloodlust.

Think of this film as Death Wish on acid. Quite literally, as a biker gang is full gonzo after becoming addicted to a very bad batch of LSD. Does Red try some, allowing Cage to unleash the beast? You bet! And it’s glorious. Mandy has quite the cult following, and with its craziness I can understand why.

But to be honest, I loved this movie not only for the crazy, random stuff that goes down, but for its musings on grief. Red sees Mandy everywhere, in his minds eye (as gorgeous animation), in flashbacks, and as an imaginary specter riding shotgun. It’s touching, poignant, and every now and then grounds the crazy.

For fellow fans of The Endless, Take Shelter, The Ritual, and all of Lars von Trier’s stuff? Watch this immediately if you haven’t already. (And if you have watched it, watch it again. But I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that.)

As for folks who didn’t get the I Love Insane Movies gene? Just know that Mandy is crazy cool, emphasis on the crazy. And enjoy.

Freak-O-Meter: 4.5 out of 5 Freaks
(Knocking off a half star only because I know it’s not for everyone. But da-yum it’s for me baybeeeee.)

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