Boo-Boo Review – “Scream VI”!

When I’m recovering from something stupid, time for a quick, easy to type review! Let’s gooooo!

“Who gives a fuck about movies?”

Genre: Franchise Slashers
Release Date: 2023
Where I Watched: Multiplex
Gist: The young survivors of Scream V head to NYC to either start college, or if your sam? Follow your sister to make sure she’s okay. But when yet another string of Ghostface murders happen near them? Let’s just say the gang is less than pleased to find themselves in a franchise.

What I Think:Y’all have my hand surgery to thank for this quickie. That, and the fact that I was too lazy to hit a DC screening for this film. But VI is a lot of fun, and sinks into the whole “Ghostface Takes Manhattan” vibe immediately; in fact, Jason Takes Manhattan is playing in a co-ed’s apartment near the beginning of the film. So fans will grok exactly what’s going on immediately. This is another loving homage to slasher movies that do way too many sequels, which is in danger of becoming a hypocritical commentary at this point in the Scream franchise. Still? The story here is worthy of another installment, and directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett (who both worked on V and Ready or Not, which is probably why the wonderful Samara Weaving is here. So thanks, guys.)

Matt & Tyler are able to wrangle cast members old and new, pulling them together to make a cohesive, believable new blend of friends, possible baddies, and soon-to-be-bodybagged. Special shout-out to Jasmin Savoy Brown who reprises her role as BFF/Randy’s niece Mindy. When I grow up, I want to be as cool as Mindy is. The movie clocks in at two hours, and while it doesn’t go by in a blink, it never drags. The gore is amped up a bit here – Mindy does give us a heads-up on that in the requisite film nerd 411 that always takes place in these films – and you’ll be gobsmaked as to who makes it (and who doesn’t) once the EMTs arrive and the slashing stops.

It’s a great way to spend two hours (or more, because commercials and trailers, sad sigh), and I recommend this to all fans of this franchise, and to anyone looking for a film where they can say “wow, that was more fun than I expected it to be” when the credits roll. Now I’m off to ice my hand. Be well out there y’all! Wear sunscreen.

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