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“Ghostbusters” is good. Suck it, haters.

Nutshell: a remake will never re-capture the lightning in a bottle of a classic.  But this reboot has a certain charm and goofy fun all its own.  Sure, a strangely ill-used Hemsworth adds a certain je ne sais WTF.  But … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: the new “Ghostbusters” trailer possesses Hemsworth

No secret I’m up for the new Ghostbusters reboot/re-imagining/whatever-I’ma-watch-it.  Now with this new trailer, there’s lots of spooky going on, and it’s glorious.  Looks like this film has let the quartet of SNL alums off their network leash, and it’s … Continue reading

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First Look: New Ghostbusters character posters!

It’s one thing to get excited when a reboot comes along that sounds like it could actually bring the goods.  It’s another when that reboot casts a bunch of comediennes that are already favorites.  But when the posters come around … Continue reading

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By the power of Zuul: meet your new Ghostbusters!

Y’all.  When I heard about an all-female Ghostbusters?  I thought marketing ploy.  But now I see who they cast and I’m SO DOWN FOR THIS.  Coming Soon had the deets, and I bounced in my seat. Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, … Continue reading

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