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In Queue Review – “Prey”!

“This morning, in the sky, I saw a sign. The Thunderbird. I’ve been practicing. It’s time. I’m ready.” Genre: Alien Monster Historical Prequels WITH AXES Release Date: 2022 Where I Watched: Hulu Gist: Naru is an absolute badass. Tracker, healer, … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch – “Ouija: Origin of Evil” second trailer means more creepy kids!

Ouija was a pretty but vacant bit of spooky that hinted at the start of a series.  So, naturally, a sequel is coming to town.  Or in the case of Ouija: Origin of Evil, a prequel.  How’d things get to … Continue reading

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The Huntsman Winter’s War: trailer and spiffy new Girl Power posters!

Well, Snow White and the Huntsman was…a thing.  Okay; it was beautiful, but a bit wobbly.  A lot wobbly.  That whole KStew thing didn’t help that poor film either.  But hopefully with the Snow White story jettisoned and a new … Continue reading

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“Prometheus” sequel is “Alien: Covenant” – and it’s part of a trilogy

Okay facehugger fans – remember when we all speculated that Prometheus was a prequel to the Alien franchise?  And how they all said NOOOO, it’s shiny and new and different? Well.  It’s now official; the Prometheus storyline is a part … Continue reading

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