31 in 31: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Story: The dead are coming back to life.  They’re coming to get you, Barbara.  And everybody else.  Yeah, that means you.

Scares: Tons.  If this is your first viewing and you freak easily?  Lights on would be a good idea.

Splat factor: Even though this is black & white and you know it’s all fake (she said hopefully), it’s gruesome and gross.  Just the way a zombie movie should be.

Closing scene “shocker”?:  One of the best of the entire horror genre.  Brilliant.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?:  The original movie that takes zombies from Haiti to horrific.

Trick or Treat?:  God bless you, George Romero.  Night of the Living Dead is so amazing there’s no candy comparison.  This movie starts with a quiet day at the cemetery and goes from zero to sixty in no time at all.  Brilliant performances by the group of people trying to survive the night in a house in the woods, effective makeup, themes of prejudice and government incompetence make this not only a scary good time, but a thinking person’s horror film.  Romero built the  blueprint for all zombie movies that have come since — shoot ’em in the head! — let’s not forget.  This movie is uncomfortable to watch, even after repeat viewings.  All this make Night of the Living Dead not just a genre classic, but a damn fine film.

Score: out of 5 pumpkins.

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