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TrailerWatch: “The Boss Baby” tries to say “I Love You” for Valentine’s Day

Alec Baldwin as a Glengarry Glen…Baby?  Hey, stranger things have happened…cue Howard the Duck.  Still, it’s Dreamworks, so it’s gonna be gorgeous.  And Baldwin has been killing it as Trump on SNL. Synopsis! DreamWorks Animation and the director of Madagascar … Continue reading

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“Monster Trucks” coming to Westfield Annapolis on Black Friday!

The trailer for Monster Trucks looks pretty cute.  And really CGI-awesome.  But you need to see that stuff for yourself, up close and personal-like? Well now, that can be arranged. Especially if you’re planning on hitting the malls this Friday. … Continue reading

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Ed O’Neill and Hank the Septopus wish you a happy World Septopus Day!

Yeah yeah – October 8th  is World Octopus Day.  (8/8…because 8 arms…GET IT?)  But Hank of Finding Dory lost a tentacle.  So he’s got a day just for him: World Septopus Day! Don’t believe me?  Take it away, voice of … Continue reading

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Happy Easter from “The Secret Life of Pets”!

Aww.  Gotta love it when the animals we love get all ready for the holidays.  The pets in The Secret Life of Pets are no different.  Remember Christmas?  Yeah.  Kawaii city, amirite?  Well, here they are again for Easter…and with … Continue reading

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Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: Love the Coopers!

Well, it’s officially post-Halloween now.  Time to (tearfully) put away all those skeletons, witches and vampire fangs.  Or you could just be like me and keep ’em around until Veteran’s Day.  Hey, speaking of that particular holiday, how about passes … Continue reading

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31 in 31 — Leprechaun: Origins

“Fuck you, lucky charms!” Story: Four American hikers want to an Irish village where the neighboring locals fear to tread. But the villagers in Creepy Distant Town are really cool, and very welcoming. In fact, the villagers tell our gang … Continue reading

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Horror movie “Easter Sunday” because we’re running out of horror holidays

Friday the 13th.  My Bloody Valentine.  April Fool’s Day. Halloween. Thankskilling. Black Christmas. New Year’s Evil. Heck even the 4th of July has Uncle Sam. Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the holiday calendar, Easter … Continue reading

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#31in31 Bonus: M&M/Strange Kids Club Netflix Horror Movie Challenge!

UPDATE: M&M/SKC has updated their calendar to reflect the films Netflix has removed as of 10/1.  The one here is the updated version. Enjoy! It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeear…  Yes kiddies, it’s October-eve!  Yaaaaay!  Pumpkin everything, a … Continue reading

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Macabre Mansion brings Poe, Irving and Dickens to your earparts!

I’ve seen Halloween stuff on the shelves, people.  Ready for Fall?  Well, if it’s something spooky to listen to, how about some old-school scary?  Macabre Mansion has three haunting titles they’re just dying to get you to listen to. Bwahahaha! … Continue reading

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4 for the 4th: a rainy-day binge list

For those of you who are in the sunshine, happy 4th!  May you enjoy every moment of your fair/carnival/bbq/illicit fireworks-shooting-off-ness!  For those of us here in the rain?  Happy Binge Of July Weekend!  Here’s a list of stuff you can … Continue reading

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