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TrailerWatch – Laurie Strode goes toe-to-toe with Michael Meyers in “Halloween Ends” trailer

This is what we’ve been waiting for, Halloween fans. The moment where Laurie finally – figuratively and hopefully literally – faces off with her nemesis. There’s no synopsis on the trailer. Just brief moments from the film flashing on screen. … Continue reading

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Halloween Horrors – “Halloween Kills”

Looking for fun during The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? I’ve got a few ideas this season, and a few clunkers too… “HE DIES TONIGHT! HE DIES TONIGHT!” (Whatever.) What it is – In the 2018 Halloween, our favorite … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch – “Halloween Kills” drops its first full trailer…and it’s full of blood

Ready for the followup to 2018’s Halloween? Because it looks like it’s gonna be an epic throw down. Maybe bring your hip waders, because the body count is absolutely crazypants. Synopsis! Minutes after Laurie Strode (Curtis), her daughter Karen (Judy … Continue reading

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“Halloween” (2018) – all hail Laurie Strode

Nutshell: I was worried this re-imagining of the Halloween sequels would be a disappointment. It’s not. It’s outstanding on its own merits, with plenty of chills, and a fantastic screenplay that gives fans what they want without turning into the … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Halloween” trailer shows “Grandma” Laurie ready for action

“He’s waited for me. I’ve waited for him.” HOLY COW.  The new Halloween trailer has just dropped, and it’s amazing.  This film jettisons all the sequels in favor of a more realistic story; Michael Meyers has been in a maximum … Continue reading

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31 in 31 — Leprechaun: Origins

“Fuck you, lucky charms!” Story: Four American hikers want to an Irish village where the neighboring locals fear to tread. But the villagers in Creepy Distant Town are really cool, and very welcoming. In fact, the villagers tell our gang … Continue reading

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#31in31 Bonus: M&M/Strange Kids Club Netflix Horror Movie Challenge!

UPDATE: M&M/SKC has updated their calendar to reflect the films Netflix has removed as of 10/1.  The one here is the updated version. Enjoy! It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeear…  Yes kiddies, it’s October-eve!  Yaaaaay!  Pumpkin everything, a … Continue reading

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31 in 31: Odd Thomas

Story: Why not let Odd tell you himself? “I may see dead people, but then by God I do something about it.”  He’ll come to rue the day he decided on that tag line when high-octane otherworldly killers infest his … Continue reading

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31 in 31: The Bay

  Story:  Ahh, the Eastern Shore of Mur-land.  Home to crabbing, Natty Boh, boatin’ on the water hon, and isopods that have gotten a serious dose of steroids from the local chicken farm runoff (eew, poop.)  A newbie reporter is … Continue reading

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Halloween ComicFest releases preview peeks!

Halloween is just a few months away.  Woot!  And since Halloween ComicFest announced their titles earlier this summer, you’ve had all this time to drool over the possibilities.  Well, those possibilities are a little bit closer now, with previews of … Continue reading

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