#Snowzilla got you down? Drinking Game your way to happiness! Or Spring. Do you.

byrne mccarthy oscars drink

Rose Byrne and Melissa McCarthy know what’s up. Bottoms. That’s what’s up. [Image: Oscars]

Hating the snow?  Or love the snow but you’re pooped and looking for something else to do?  Well, I’m kinda in both camps; living in the city means I hate the Parking Spot Hellfight that I’m sure will take place over the next week or so.  But otherwise, I love a good snowdump.  Shiny!  My car, however, hates it and wants to kill it with fire.

You can't see his tears.  Because his headlights are covered.

You can’t see his tears. Because his headlights are covered.

So, what about those of us who’d like nothing more than to curl up and Netflix and Snow ’til things sort themselves out, but dread pulling a stinker that will question all the life choices?  Hey, who says you’ve gotta go with fine cinema?  Snow days are for unmitigated crap, because you don’t have anywhere to be, and you’re not getting behind the wheel anytime soon.  So…DRINK UP Y’ALL.  That’s right, being cloistered doesn’t have to suck, and sucky movies can be a blast if you’ve got a way to lessen the pain.  How better than to count all the hackneyed tropes, nail every bad line delivered by a wannabe “actor”, and giggle each time you see a boom lower into a frame?  If you’ve got a few friends snowed in with you — even of their Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or Old Grad-Dad — you can always cut to the chase, and who knows?  You might find it all makes sense.  (Tip: you’re drunk.  These movies never make sense.)

Here are a few to get you started, and of course the mother lode is over at MovieBoozer.  Because they care.  They do.  But do they share their booze?  Noooooo.  But that’s okay.  I’ve got enough of my own.

It’s Shark Week: The In No Way Official Shark Week Drinking Game! — seriously, it’s all over at Hulu.  Dream of summer.

The 100% Unofficial Paranormal Activity 3 Drinking Game — because horror almost always requires booze.

Elsewhere Review: The Lazarus Effect (and bonus drinking game!)  — trust me.  You’re gonna need the liquors.

31 in 31: The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976)…and drinking game! — Heavyhanded TV movie!  From the ’70s!  Bottoms up!

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