Catching Up Review: “The Witch”

Sometimes I can’t get to a screening.  Sometimes there isn’t a screening available for a particular film.  Sometimes I’m just lazy and wait until the Award Season Onslaught to catch films that came out during the “For Your Consideration” award season year.  Typically, it’s all three.  So here’s a nutshell on what I think about one particular film: 2016’s The Witch.

THEWITCH_TEASER_02Puritan values, ostracism, fear of God, coming of age, and witchcraft come together in a slow burn of a film. Viewers expecting explosive shocks will be disappointed, but those willing to let the film unspool while contemplating God and man will find it a vicious little treat.

Richly detailed, with a cast that commits 100% and period perfect art direction. More spooky than scary, this film is nonetheless fascinating and suspenseful, with a crafty “less is more” way with the scary stuff. Recommended for anyone who wants to sink into a story.

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