#31in31 2018 -“Slasher: Guilty Party” (Slasher Season 2)

Bee Tee Dub: that was 10/17/2017. You can watch the hell out of it now.

“Good luck pretending it didn’t happen.”

Story: After accidentally(?) killing a fellow camp counselor five years ago, a group of former friends go back to the scene of the crime. Now it’s a commune filled with peace loving vegans (probably.) Oh, and maybe that dead counselor ain’t dead. But soon a whole lot of other people will be.

Scares: Tons of chills as they drop one by one, along with “no way to escape or get help” tension.

Splat factor: The killer decorates a snowman with guts and human limbs early on. So…yeah. Gore-palooza.

Closing scene “shocker”?: Nope. But there is a silly final scene that feels out of place and ruins the overall vibe of the story.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Season 2 of the TV anthology Slasher.

Trick or Treat?: Try as I might, I couldn’t get into the first season of the one-story-per-season Slasher. But with Guilty Party, the show really comes into its own. This show pulls NO punches.

The “We Live as One” commune folks aren’t weirdo outsiders. They’re simply folks who want to drop off the grid and live life in peaceful solitude for one reason or another. So, of course there are secrets some of these people have, and reason why they left the larger world.  I love the message in Guilty that you can’t run away from fear/your personal ghosts.  Boy does that play out.

Everybody in Guilty has a past. Every. Body. Some are out in the open, but most are hidden away deep…until one by one they all come spilling out. The use of flashbacks slowly doles out what happened to these people and how they’ve been dealing. (Hint: not well.) The slow unveiling of what happened that led to Talvinder’s death – and how that actually transpired – kept me binging episode after episode. And kudos to Melinda Shankar as Talvinder, delivering a performance that’s sweet and scathing, morally corrupt and heartbroken. She makes acting look easy.

So jump into Guilty. Just skip the weird in a bad way first season and get your chills on.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 pumpkins.


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