Freaky Fridays – “Blood Red Sky”!

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“A thousand times you have been warned. Now you pay the price for your ignorance.” – oh the irony, you terrorist jerks.

Genre: Hijacking But ZOMG Vampire!
Year Released: 2021
AKA: Transatlantic 473
Pedigree: One of the Big Bad Crew is Lincoln from Prison Break
Where I Watched: Netflix

Synopsis: A groups of white boys play jihadists, hijacking a plane for a little terrorism. But they’d no idea sweet mom Nadja – headed to the States for help with curing a blood borne illness – is a lot more dangerous than anyone could imagine. Don’t mess with a momma bear protecting her cub, y’all. Basic 411.

Fabulous or Frustrating?: 30 Days of Night meets Die Hard in this actiony horror romp. Sky is a lot of fun for action fans, and will give monster addicts and gorehounds a lot to enjoy. The bad guys are truly, gleefully bad, and our monster hero is trying desperately to hold on to her humanity while basic human decency crumbles around her. Add in a kid that never does what he’s told? You’ve got two hours of bloody mayhem, baby.

The story is told as an extended flashback, with the last 20 minutes catching up to “present day”. We get flashbacks to when Nadja got bitten, how she first started to try to deal with her illness, and her growing fear of losing the fight.

Excellent FX; her transformation into full blooded bloodsucker is simple but effective. Eyes turn golden and reflective , new teeth come in, wig comes off, ears go pointy… Extremely effective and best of all, not the pretty vamp that’s become the rage ever since Ed sparkled.

As Nadja, Peri Baumeister is both terror filled and terrifying. She does a lot with routine, cookie cutter dialogue, her face conveying much more than her words. Special shout out to Alexander Scheer as resident psycho Eightball; Scheer seems to delight in chewing the scenery, giving his bad guy a glee that’s chilling and fun to watch.

There’s plenty of the usual action/horror schadenfreude here, with people doing exactly the opposite of what they should be doing to keep themselves and others alive. And Nadja’s little boy Elias gets the gold medal in this regard. Be prepared to shout at your TV screen as these folks try their level best to get infected, or get slaughtered.

I’m surprised Sky isn’t getting more buzz, as it’s just the kind of action packed story that should find a willing audience in the summer movie fun fest. If you’ve got Netflix, give it a look. Pop some popcorn, grab a beverage, sink into the couch, and enjoy the bloody good time.

Freak-O-Meter:  4 out of 5 Freaks

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