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31 in 31 – “Threads”

“Everybody alright?” *sobbing* Story: Ruth and Ritchie are getting married! Mazel! (Okay so Ruth’s preggers, but the very young couple would have gotten around to marriage soon enough.) Then things start getting weird in the world, with talks of nuclear … Continue reading

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“Downton Abbey” gives fans the royal treatment

“I do love our adventures.” Story: It’s 1927, but at Downton Abbey things are still rolling on in the traditional way, no matter how beautifully on trend Lady Mary fashions herself. But when the King and Queen of England decide … Continue reading

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Elsewhere Review: Doctor Who Season Eleven

Happy New Year! Sorry for the gap, but I’ve been crunching through movies like a mad-woman (apt description, that one) the past few weeks. So, here’s my review of the latest Doctor Who season, originally published at The Green Man … Continue reading

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Wayback Review: The Invisibles

With my old stomping ground Green Man Review now dead and gone, I’m posting stuff I wrote there back in the day.  Because I hate to see it vanish. [First published at Green Man Review July, 2009. I’d link to … Continue reading

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