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TrailerWatch: “Atomic Blonde” unleashes Charlize Theron

Let’s continue the comic-book film trailers, shall we? With Atomic Blonde‘s new trailer, there’s New Order and Depeche Mode strike just the right late-80s vibe, and there’s plenty of John Wick-esque mayhem to keep action fans happy.  Though as much … Continue reading

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“Suicide Squad”: the okay PG-13 that could have been a kickass R

Nutshell: All pop-art acid trip posters with happy bunny colors, Suicide Squad‘s ad campaign came on like the new and different stepchild of Zack Snyder’s DCEU (DC Extended Universe).  But Squad is just as bleak as what’s come before, it … Continue reading

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Wayback Review: V for Vendetta

[Another look at my review of V for Vendetta for the late, great Green Man Review. Originally published October, 2007.] V for Vendetta (Warner Brothers , 2006) It’s been said that Guy Fawkes was the only person who ever entered … Continue reading

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