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“Suicide Squad”: the okay PG-13 that could have been a kickass R

Nutshell: All pop-art acid trip posters with happy bunny colors, Suicide Squad‘s ad campaign came on like the new and different stepchild of Zack Snyder’s DCEU (DC Extended Universe).  But Squad is just as bleak as what’s come before, it … Continue reading

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Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: Suicide Squad!

It’s time y’all.  Grab your bestie because it’s ON.  Time for Suicide Squad!  I’ve got 20 Admit-Two passes for readers!  Synopsis! It feels good to be bad… Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Suicide Squad” trailer from the MTV Movie Awards is music to my ears, and eyes.

Woot!  Each time DC releases a new Suicide Squad trailer, they top themselves.  And yes, unlike the “yeahokay I’ll watch Batman v Superman because nerd” feeling I got with BvS, I’m truly stoked for the Squad.  Why?  Harley, natch.  But … Continue reading

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Empire UK has “Suicide Squad” Joker as coverboy for Halloween

Happy Halloween Week, everyone!  And to celebrate, Empire UK has delivered the goods on the #1 bad boy everyone’s talking about.  No, I’m not talking about the various debates, twitter wars or troll-of-the-week.  I’m talking about the Joker from Suicide … Continue reading

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Off the Shelf — New Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Pure Insanity

Nutshell:  Just like Harley’s poor brain, New Suicide Squad: Pure Insanity is muddled and violent.  But unlike Harley, it’s not necessarily entertaining.  It has its moments, but as DC is already rebooting the lineup, I’m guessing they felt the same … Continue reading

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Variety.com: ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Revealed: Jared Leto to Play the Joker, Will Smith is Deadshot

This is not a drill y’all: Jared Leto – The Joker Will Smith – Deadshot Tom Hardy – Rick Flag Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn Jai Courtney – Boomerang Cara Delevingne – Enchantress I’m stoked to see how Leto will … Continue reading

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