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TrailerWatch – “The Forever Purge”

“The Purge is over! Please!”‘No it ain’t.’ Looks like the Purge series is adding a spin on the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol to their mythology. And while it feels a bit too close to the real … Continue reading

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#31in31 2016: Shin Godzilla

“I repeat. There is no danger of the creature coming ashore.” Story: A huge aquatic creature clambers up from the deep, and onto Japanese soil. Red alert! Red alert! *SKREEONK* Scares: Of the mild, kaiju variety. Splat factor: Ditto. Mostly … Continue reading

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Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension — first trailer goes live. Ish.

Horror series time, kiddies! Paranormal Activity was a slam-bang hit.  PA2 was pretty cool too.  Heck, I even sat still for PA3 and PA4.  Never did hit The Marked Ones, mostly because the spin-off vibe had me worried, and PA4 … Continue reading

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