DVD Review: Savage Nature DVD set

Four SyFy movies in this set, and they’re everything you’ve come to expect from the TV channel that loves B movies. Silly dialogue, actors trying their very best, and DAT SWEET CGI.

Like Houses of HellDVD Review: House Of Hell 4 movie set, the case has a very, very powerful chemical nasty wafting off of it. Air this puppy out. As for the movies themselves, well they’re pretty stinky too. Sorry. Let’s break it down.

1 – Flu Birds
“Hey guys, I think we made it!”
Cast members you may know: Lance “Last Starfighter” Guest!

Flu! Birds! Science! Or something! It’s hard to care with this yawn-fest. I don’t think that anyone who made this movie knew exactly what they were going for, so they throw all kinds of “kill the things!!!111!” action onscreen. It doesn’t help this messy storyline.

Gruesomely effective makeup FX are fun though. Pity all the characters are unlikable, and the pacing makes things boring as hell. Worth a quick peek for the “birds” that look like Dark Crystal mutants, and go full Man In Suit for close in interactions.

2 – Headless Horseman
“I’m not sure about this detour.”
Cast members you may know: Richard “Night Court” Moll!

It’s a spin on The Dark Secret of Harvest Home, with a small town enacting a ritual that just so happens to be going on when a group of partying college students stumble in. Surprise! The Horseman legend gets a spin too – it’s actually a curse visited on this small town because karma is a bitch – is interesting. But the plot is by the numbers, leaving the mythos high and dry.

Very cool throwing axe/gigantic shiruken thingy the Horseman has. But we only get to see it once, at the beginning. Meanwhile, the end looks like a horror genre Infinity War, and the soundtrack is lots of fun country and metal-lite songs with death and hell themes. Only for the really bored.

3 – Monsterwolf
“Man, I was this close to getting laid, so whatever you’ve got going on around here better be good!”
Cast members you may know: Robert “China Beach” Picardo! Jason “Dazed and Confused” London!

A big ass wolf on task, protecting the environment from oil drilling? Sounds like more of a superhero movie to me. Heck, a character’s name is Stark for crying out loud! The Kachinawea, or big ass wolf, is the film’s mythological Protector Of Native Lands, and looks like a mutant, rabid weasel. But he gets in lots of mayhem, so the fun is constant.

As this is a SyFy TV movie, there are places where the action fades to black, but the editors made weird choices as to when that happens, and what to start back up with. (Ex: the 25 minute mark.) The way gossip flies in a small town is done perfectly thanks to the actors digging into a decent screenplay, and makes for a fun intro to the main characters. Solid performances and a tongue in cheek sense of fun makes this the most enjoyable film of this set.

4 – Wolvesbayne
“Look at my finger.”
Cast members you may know: Yancy Butler, Jeremy London (Jason’s twin),

Douchebag Guy gets attacked by a werewolf and survives. Hilarity ensues. Add resurrecting a vampire queen, and a reverse-Underworld story, and boom. Sadly, the plot is all over the place – no seriously is that it ninja? – and that makes for a confusing watch. London tries his best, but this is a RiffTrax waiting to happen. Please let it happen.

Fun fangs and sclera contacts give the vamps a good look, and there’s lots of blood everywhere. The werewolf FX are okay-ish, but what do you expect from a TV movie?

Extras: A digital code to add this set to your Movie Spree account.

Number of discs: 2
Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: September 17th, 2019

NOTE: I did receive a promotional copy of this Blu-Ray. I did not, however, receive chocolate, kittens, beer or anything else for writing this review.

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