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“Aquaman” – DC does fine but could have done better

“Hurry up – I’m missing happy hour for this.” Story: Arthur Curry has a lighthouse keeper for a dad and the Queen of Atlantis for a mom. Sure, he can put away a pint or twelve with the best of … Continue reading

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Movie News: “Wonder Woman 84” starts filming in DC and NoVa!

Well’p, Warner Brothers released the official title for the Wonder Woman sequel: Wonder Woman 1984! And they’re BRINGING BACK COMMANDER SALAMANDER!  Well, they’re making a CS “set”. But I’m stoked and can’t wait to try to take a walk around … Continue reading

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Baltimore Screening Pass-palooza: “WONDER WOMAN”!

Ready to channel your inner warrior?  Of course you are – you’re a freakin’ badass, darlin. Well pull up your boots and shine your bracers up, because I’ve got passes for the Baltimore screening of Wonder Woman! Synopsis! Before she … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Wonder Woman” gets mythical in origin trailer

Who is Diana Prince?  Well, of course she’s Wonder Woman (SPOILER), but with so many different origin stories, it’s hard to keep track.  Was she made out of clay and brought to life by Hippolyta?  Was she the love child of Hippolyta … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: “Suicide Squad” trailer from the MTV Movie Awards is music to my ears, and eyes.

Woot!  Each time DC releases a new Suicide Squad trailer, they top themselves.  And yes, unlike the “yeahokay I’ll watch Batman v Superman because nerd” feeling I got with BvS, I’m truly stoked for the Squad.  Why?  Harley, natch.  But … Continue reading

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Off the Shelf: DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology 2015

(I’m gonna skip the usual outline of OtS reviews, as this book isn’t a series, but a guide.  Bon Appetit!) “Where do I start reading?”  Heck honey, if I knew that, I’d be famous.  Because everyone has their own ideas … Continue reading

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