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#31in31 2019 – “Zombieland: Double Tap”

“Why not go big and go home?” Story: It’s been ten years, and our foursome has turned into a real family. With all the snarking, insecurities and plain-old butt-pain moments that entails. Good thing the zombies haven’t mutated, causing some … Continue reading

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Extinction asks; what if zombies can adapt?

A good rule for survival in the zombie apocalypse; get to a place where it’s freezing cold, wait ’til the zombies freeze solid.  But what if that doesn’t happen?  Welcome to Extinction.  [Note: this film was originally titled Welcome to … Continue reading

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From Geek for e: Warm Bodies

As always, clicky on the hypertext to read the original piece! Movie Review: Warm Bodies With Warm Bodies, director Jonathan Levine (50/50) takes on the novel by  Isaac Marion, a zombie-genre favorite (Marion’s prequel novella, The New Hunger, was just … Continue reading

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Getting warm & fuzzy over Warm Bodies

I saw a teaser trailer for this film last week at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 screening, and have been in a fangirl squee mode ever since. Zombies?  Zombies becoming self-aware?  That’s also a comedy?  With John Malkovich and Rob … Continue reading

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31 in 31: Land of the Dead

Story: George Romero’s zombies have taken over the world. Three years in, a safe-haven has been constructed in Pittsburgh. But you have to be the “right kind of person” to enjoy any kind of real life. Uh, best not to … Continue reading

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