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“Bohemian Rhapsody” will definitely rock you

Nutshell: let’s let Freddie do it, shall we? “I feel alive/And the world—I’ll turn it inside out/Yeah/I’m floating around/In ecstasy”.  Yep, that sums it up. The bar has been raised for the musical biopic. Good luck to future films in … Continue reading

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“Halloween” (2018) – all hail Laurie Strode

Nutshell: I was worried this re-imagining of the Halloween sequels would be a disappointment. It’s not. It’s outstanding on its own merits, with plenty of chills, and a fantastic screenplay that gives fans what they want without turning into the … Continue reading

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“Night School” doesn’t quite make the grade

Nutshell: I shouldn’t watch the end credits of a Hart & Haddish comedy trying to figure out why I’m unimpressed with what I just saw. But I was. Give these two better folks behind the camera. Grade: D+ “That’s what’s … Continue reading

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“The House With A Clock In Its Walls” –

Nutshell: A boy finds out that he’s got magic in his family. Sound familiar? Well, while the Harry Potter franchise is an epic story, Clock is a wee tale. Director Eli Roth keeps things fast and fun, with a cast … Continue reading

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“Operation Finale” – a powerful start to Oscar season

Nutshell: Real-life Nazi hunters get a powerful and moving film tribute, thanks to a stellar ensemble cast and nimble screenplay. Kingsley and Isaac deliver performances people will be talking about when award ballots start to fly. Don’t even bother with … Continue reading

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“Breaking In” is heavy on action fun, light on substance

Nutshell: Looking for a movie that has action, but doesn’t tax the ol’ brainpan? Well look no further. Union is fantastic as the mom who has to save her kids, but other than the usual action tidbits there’s little else here. … Continue reading

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“Truth or Dare” delivers low-key chills this Friday the 13th

Nutshell: Cliches and tropes we’ve all seen too many times before. Characters we’ve all come to expect in horror films. And yet, Blumhouse’s tribute to Stranger Danger can be surprisingly effective at times.  Not chilling, but effective. That’s worth a … Continue reading

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