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Movie News – “A Quiet Place Part II” reveals teaser poster, and promises a trailer new year’s day

The end of the year is almost here – and hello, a trailer for A Quiet Place Part II drops new year’s day 2020! But til then, peep this new teaser poster, and the info on the story! Synopsis! Following … Continue reading

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Streaming News – Amazon’s “Troop Zero” drops trailer and poster

“Dad? I think I could be part alien.” Kiernan Shipka’s young doppelgänger  Mckenna Grace in an adorable film set to tug all the heartstrings…written by Beasts of the Southern Wild‘s Lucy Alibar? Sign me up! Just one look at this … Continue reading

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Rambo Day coming to ya this Wednesday the 18th!

Lionsgate is throwing down for John Rambo this year y’all. It’s the 37th anniversary of First Blood, and with Rambo: Last Blood hitting theaters this Friday? Let’s celebrate! Plus, they’re looking for the biggest Rambo fan, so get your pictures, … Continue reading

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Blu-Ray Review: “Ghosts of Mars”

“So this is Shining Canyon? What a dump.” Jason Stratham! With hair! Ice Cube! Natasha Henstridge! Greg Nicotero and KNB FX! This should have been an incredible genre film, so what happened? Well, it became a cult classic for many … Continue reading

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Movie News: “Child’s Play” reboot shares first images!

Gotta admit I wasn’t really into the Child’s Play series. Except for Bride of Chucky, I like my horror dolls to be of the Zuni Fetish variety. But with Aubrey Plaza playing the mom in this reboot, this Play might … Continue reading

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Mill Creek announces “90s Retro” Blu-rays for 90s hits!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been re-watching Captain Marvel and really miss video stores (#RIPBlockbuster), but these cool VHS-look Blu-rays from Mill Creek are looking really sweet. I’m dying to get my hands on a copy of Jury Duty; I’m an … Continue reading

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See Egerton and Elton sing “Tiny Dancer” for the Elton John AIDS Foundation!

“It’s funny how life turns out, isn’t it?” I love Elton John, and I’m really looking forward to his “fantasty biopic”, Rocketman. But holy bleep – Taron Egerton has my utmost respect for being able to do something I’d never … Continue reading

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New Prince track, “Mary Don’t You Weep” for “BlackKkKlansman” gives me all the feelings

We’ve all heard that His Royal Purpleness had recorded tons of music before his passing (and yes, I’m still in a bit denial that he’s gone.) But Spike Lee got the okay to use this gorgeous song for BlackKkKlansman. And … Continue reading

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Posters for “Mary Queen of Scots” show Mary and Elizabeth ready for battle

I love historical drama!  And let’s face it, when we’re talking real historical drama, the Mary/Elizabeth rivalry is definitely high drama. So I can’t wait to see how Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie do Mary and Elizabeth! These posters look … Continue reading

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Movie News: “Wonder Woman 84” starts filming in DC and NoVa!

Well’p, Warner Brothers released the official title for the Wonder Woman sequel: Wonder Woman 1984! And they’re BRINGING BACK COMMANDER SALAMANDER!  Well, they’re making a CS “set”. But I’m stoked and can’t wait to try to take a walk around … Continue reading

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